A trick

word count: 190

My twin sister taught me a trick:

“In a group, people tend to look at the person they like the most while laughing or smiling.”

She convinced me to try that on my crush. I am an introvert and this was a hard thing for me to do. Still I gathered the courage to walk up to her and talk.

On our way from school that day, my sister asked, “Did you talk to her?”

Me: Yes.
She: Tried that trick?
Me: Yes…and it seems she loves mother earth the most because she was staring at the ground while smiling. I guess it’s just one sided feeling.
She: And who were you looking at while telling the joke?
Me: Obviously, at her…the whole time.
She: My idiot “genius brother”!
Me: What?
She: While you were staring uninterruptedly at her, don’t you think she must be shying away.
Me: That’s an interesting theory.

In my defense, she never told me where to look while telling the joke.
Me being me, it took me more than a few interactions with her to confirm that my sis was right, after all.

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