word count: 99

“Despite grandma’s protest, grandpa got a ceiling fan installed in the verandah that was accidentally placed too close to the wall and the classy old fan was too big to just evade the wall narrowly. That night, after grandma took her last breath, there was a storm that made the fan dwindle and its moving blades were damaged by the wall.”
“But who would switch on the fan during a storm?”
“Oh, it was grandpa, they said he often did that to vex grandma.”
“But she died almost a year after him!”

“Yup. and the fan never moved again.”

This post is written in response of Friday Fictioneers



21 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Great tale! Especially the end with grandma and the ceiling fan. Kinda reminded me of this short story called The Last Leaf, where she associated the longevity of her life with the last leaf of a tree.

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  2. You’ve written an entertaining ghost story, showing the way some couples strive with each other to get their own way. I wonder if it was just the fan they fought over, or if they fought over everything.

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    1. Thank you for reading. This story is actually inspired by my grandma who in her last days got attached to a certain thing and was always asking about its whereabouts…I don’t know what’s that but I think sometimes people become obsessed for some unknown reason

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