6-word story challenge winner

So, I get to use this badge now. 🙂 I get to win the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller 6-word story challenge because you all liked my 6-word story. Thank you all. Congratulations to trE and Marts too. Click here to see the list of winners.



word count: 220 A suave man came over to the table and surprised the woman, waiting for him, with a gift that read "Happy Birthday". She was pleased and planted a kiss on his cheek. The champagne followed... The attendant was staring at him from behind the counter when a customer interrupted her who was … Continue reading Misconceptions

The technique

My technique to forget her backfired and I ended up craving for her more. Destiny made us friends again only to get it all jeopardized by me once again.


Forget me

word count: 161 That night, he was fondling with her memories as always when she appeared before him. She had seriousness on her face like that of a stretched arrow in a bow but the calmness of a rock steady hand that held that arrow. He doubted her presence and thought it was just a … Continue reading Forget me



word count: 180 The day was quite boring. She ignored her boyfriend's calls as she wanted to spend some time with herself. Lately they had quaralled about that. So this sunday was her's not their's. It was dusk. She stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, wet after a shower, looking at herself. … Continue reading Charm



On reaching home, he kissed her who was waiting for him. "How was your day at work?", she asked. "It was okay.", he replied and enquired about her day at the office. "Same old.", she sighed. They had their dinner together. At around 10:00 P.M. while she was making their bed, he enters the room … Continue reading Routine



I don't think I would be able to continue with my present job after this month. Today can be precisely summarised as a bad day. But I have the evening left to make up for it. It is time to lighten up for I have to get ready for the "dinner date" with her. Afterall … Continue reading Remnant